Our online art classes are divided into two types of lesson. Demonstration lessons and Assimilation lessons. The lessons usually last two days each.

Demonstration Lessons
During a demonstration Louis shows the students what to do and the students replicate ‘stroke for stroke’ while Louis offers advice on any corrections needed.

Below is a clip of an online class. Louis is putting the finishing touches to an eye for the class to follow. In the video Louis shows brush size, colour to choose and where to place it.

Assimilation Lessons
After a demonstration project students get to apply what they have learned so far. A project is assigned to replicate the process while Louis is on hand to remind them of the steps and help with any corrections that need to be made.

The clip below shows an in-depth critique. Louis points out the drawing errors, looks at the tonal range of the overall form and demonstrates the colour and tonal changes that need to made

Where necessary, the class may start with a lecture if there are principles that need explaining for the days lesson.

The clip below is taken from a lecture about the importance of big form modeling. How the masters used it to create a sense of volume.

Example of an Assimilation day 26th June 2020

The clips are taken from an assimilation lesson. This is a two day 2 day project. The aim of this project is to recreate a similar styled approach to the master copy they had previously been working on. Students were encouraged to be bold with colour and use of brush strokes.

Log On
Students log on at 8:45am, 15 minutes before the start of the class to make sure everyone is ready.

Whether there is a lecture or not, the day will begin with a quick round of critiques to make sure everybody is on track.

In Depth Critique
After the quick round of critiques, there is a detailed round of critiques. Louis demonstrates how to make any further adjustments to the students’ work.

Break Time
There is a break for 15 mins at 10.30am. After the break Louis critiques the students homework whilst keeping an eye on the class.

Sign Off
The class finishes at 12:25pm. Louis recaps on any points made during the class and sets any new homework if needed