Zorn Limited Palette Tutorial Video

The demonstration videos below are from the portrait painting course. This lesson is designed to show students how to use the Zorn limited palette. Teaching the students how to get the most out of a limited range of colour. The colours used in this demonstration are black, white, light red and yellow ochre.

For information about about the course go to Online Portrait Painting Course

Zorn Limited Palette Steps

Step 1: Construct Articulation

Step 2: Grouping the darks – large areas of colour

Step3: Big form Modeling

Step: 4 eyes nose and mouth shape

Step 5: Front and side planes

Step 6: Shadow planes

Step 7: Grouping the basic planes of the head and features

Step 8: Jacket

Step9: Plains of the hair

Step 10: Finishing the right eye

Step 11: Finishing the left eye

Step 12: Finishing the nose

Step 13: Finishing the mouth

Step 14: Finishing the ear

Step 15: Finishing the Jaw

Step 16: Finishing the side planes, top of the head

Step 17: Finishing the hair