Terms 1-2 Materials

Conte compressed charcoal pencil (HB,B,2B)

The Conté “Charcoal” pencil gives a clean, dense finish of an intense black. Its special characteristic is that it does not break, making it easy to transport. Its advantage is that it blends perfectly with the iron red and sepia pencils.

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Sanding paddle

Ideal for shaping & sharpening charcoal & other drawing media.
Width: 8 cm (3.15″)
Height: 23 cm (9.06″)
Grit Grain: 180
Includes an extra set of sanding surfaces

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Pencil eraser (Faber-Castell)

The Faber-Castell perfection eraser pencil is an eraser that is encased in wood the same way a standard lead pencil is. The eraser is white coloured and it can be sharpened with an ordinary pencil sharpener.

The Faber-Castell Perfection Pencil is suitable for erasing marks left with an ink pen.

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Kneadable eraser (Faber-Castell)

It’s very nice, very soft but doesn’t feel oily like some putty rubbers. The genius thing is that it comes in a little box so it can rattle around in your bag or pocket to its heart’s content along with all your conkers, boiled sweets, lumps of coal etc… and not get infected with the detritits of the rest of your life which it will then deposit on your nice clean drawing.

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A3 Newsprint Pad

This paper is good for practising gesture drawings, it’s cheap and takes conte and charcoal well. Newsprint paper pad. Glued with a stiff 2mm backing board. Recycled paper. 100 sheets. Approx. 50gsm.

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Terms 3 Materials

Nitram Charcoal (H,HB,B)

Nitram is the Preferred Charcoal of Professional Artists, Academies and Ateliers.

Nitram Fine Art Charcoal is fantastic for creating rich blacks as well as a wide range of shades. It’s superb quality ensures that it does not crumble under pressure so you can express yourself with confidence. Studio time is precious –you shouldn’t have to worry about your charcoal.

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Willow charcoal (medium)

Coates have been making charcoal in the traditional manner since 1819. The intense blackness of natural willow charcoal makes it a perfect drawing tool and has been used by artists for centuries.

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Stomp (small, medium, large)

The Blending Stumps are made of soft rolled paper with pointed ends ideal for arts and craft projects.

The Blending set is a pack of 3 paper rolled stumps. Use the fine tips to blend or remove colour from small areas and use the broad side of the tip for large areas. To sharpen the tips use a medium grit sand paper. Ideal for use with oil paints, charcoal, chalk pastels and oil pastels.

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Brushes (small, medium, large), (Natural Hair)

I use brushes in the darker areas because they remove the minimum of dust from the surface of the paper. Use natural haired water colour brushes because synthetic brushes tend to smudge the work.

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A3 Paper Pad (Quality)

Daler-Rowney has a worldwide reputation for the finest papers for drawing, sketching and pastel work. The coarseness or “tooth” of cartridge paper has a direct effect on an image drawn in charcoal or pencil.

This pad contains 30 sheets of fine-grain 160gsm acid-free cartridge paper.

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A2 Paper Pad (Cheap)

Cheap pad to practise Bargue figure gestures. These are just used for sketching purposes to get the students to loosen up.

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Long Pose Materials

Charcoal Powder – Generals

General fine grained powdered charcoal is made especially for signwriters, artists, and draftsmen. Excellent for snap lines and pounce transfer process.

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Arches 88 printmaking paper

Arches 88 printmaking paper

Smooth paper 100% cotton, mould-made sheets with four deckle edges. Heavy weight paper that can take erasing mistakes. It takes a charcoal pencil cleanly, creates soft gradations without too much texture.

Minimum order of 5 sheets. Best to order with other people.

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Colorfin PP65004 Sofft Knife with 5 Covers, Pointed, No.4

Colorfin PP65004 Soft Knife with 5 Covers, Pointed, No.4

Colorfin Soft knife and covers. Use these artist quality knives and covers to paint, draw and blend for new techniques and effects. The foam covers are reusable and feature micropore technology. This package contains one point knife 6 3 4 inches long and five point foam covers.

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