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The aim of the drawing program is to teach students how to work with speed and efficiency. Our methods are based on short exercises designed to train our visual muscles. Each exercise builds on the last creating a solid foundation for future study.

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Portrait Painting is considered one of the most difficult artistic disciplines. Armed with the right knowledge and working practice it’s possible to overcome the challenges of portrait painting, building confidence and proficiency as we move towards the end of the year.


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Realist Academy has helped hundreds of students at all levels

Workshops And Short Courses

The workshops and courses are based on traditional art techniques.  All lessons are aimed at helping artists to develop their skills and we cover all aspects of Traditional Art from basic drawing to glazing techniques.

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Our goal is to pass on the knowledge to make you a better artist

Judith’s Story Before

Here is a before and after of one of this years graduates Judith Booth.  Judith is a retired doctor and developed an interest in art during the beginning of 2018. Below is a drawing she did in May of that year.

Judith’s Story After

Her professional work ethic enabled her to complete the course and she transformed her ability to draw and paint. She is a conscientious and disciplined student who followed the instructions and completed all the assignments and the results speak for themselves.

” I have thoroughly enjoyed my year on the Realist Academy painting course. I realised that I needed expert help to improve my portrait skills and the course really delivered. As a complete beginner I felt comfortable with the well structured approach taught by Louis. Assignments done each week were essential in practicing the skills learned in class. I’m really proud of the portraits I have managed to produce during the course and one of them won first prize in an art exhibition. Something I would never have dreamed of a year ago! I would recommend the course to anyone wishing to improve their portrait skills or learn from scratch.”
Judith Booth
Realist Academy Manchester

One year part time study

This is a part time study program that teaches the complete process as taught on a full time course.

We encourage self reliance because at some point you will have to face the challenges of portrait painting in your own time.

Realist Academy Manchester

Learn the secrets

Learn the secrets of Portrait Painting. This knowledge was almost lost due mainstream institutions abandoning the tradition over 100 years ago.

Lucky for us their were a handful of artists willing to pass on the craft and keep this tradition alive.

Realist Academy Manchester

Build your skills with tuition

The class sizes are kept to a maximum of 10 people allowing more time to be spent with each student. Louis believes in leading from the front, demonstrating each lesson in front of the class. If a student is struggling with their work he is willing to guide them out of any difficulty.

Our mission statement

The principles taught at the Realist Academy are the foundation of traditional art techniques. Even if you just learn the basics, you will see an improvement in your work. The program will be structured to accommodate anyone wanting to learn or professionals looking to improve their skills. The aim of this course is to cultivate a confident approach backed up by some sure footed knowledge. Learning the right habits are key to developing a solid working practice which could improve your skills well beyond your current ability.

“Drawing trains the eyes, practising drawing trains perception to a high degree and sets the foundation for painting – when the student has mastered perception of form, he is able to switch to colour”.

Charles Bargue