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Local Centre v Purpose Built Facilities

Local centre Most Life Drawing Groups are held in community centres and function rooms that don't provide the necessary facilities or time to create a decent Life Study. Lighting: Most centres have light multiple florescent strips bouncing light all over the model which makes it almost impossible to describe the forms of the figure. [...]

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John Singer Sargent Master Copy Lesson

Warm and Cool  In this lesson the students learn the traditional method that John Singer Sargent would used for his final painting whilst under the tuition of Carolus Duran. Students learn how to model the shape of the head using warm lights and cool halftones for the overall shape and features. The finishing steps add [...]

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Limited Palette Introduction

Aim of this Project First Part going over the basics. Teaching students how to organise the palette, mix secondary and tertiary colours, the tonal value of each colour and mixing complimentary colour. Second Part is to put the theory into practice, paint a portrait observing the variation of colour in the skin tones, hair, shirt [...]

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Grisaille Afternoon Working From Life

Grisaille Afternoon This was the second part of a two part project. The aim was to put into practice the steps they had covered in the morning. The biggest hurdle students faced was the panic of a new challenge. If the students are well practised and can concentrate on the job at hand then they [...]

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Grisaille Mornings Photo Reference

Grisaille Mornings  This Grisaille was the first part of a two part project. The aim was to get the most from the model attending in the afternoons. The class rehearsed each step in the morning working from photo references in preparation for the model coming in the afternoons.  This was the last grisaille before starting the [...]

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Below are some examples of the final work by the students. They were given a choice between using the full or limited palette, surprisingly half of the class went for the more harmonious limited palette over the high chroma full palette. Peter Lynn was awarded a gold for his commitment to [...]

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