August 2018

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Below are some examples of the final work by the students. They were given a choice between using the full or limited palette, surprisingly half of the class went for the more harmonious limited palette over the high chroma full palette. Peter Lynn was awarded a gold for his commitment to [...]

May 2018

April 2018

Carlos Duran, John Singer Sargent, Master Copy

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In this lesson the students learn how to get the most out of the limited palette by using both opaque and glazing techniques. This method could be compared to a coloured grisaille with glazes to add chroma and depth to the features of the face. The students learn how to deal with HUE and CHROMA [...]

February 2018

Grisaille 4 (Comparative measuring)

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The aim of this lesson is to teach the students how to scale an up an object using comparative measurements. So far the students have been using the  sight size method which uses a 1:1 measuring technique so taking out any guess work. From this point on students will be using a system based comparing [...]

Grisaille 3 (consolidation)

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So far Louis has been leading from the front demonstrating each step. The aim of this exercise is to oversee the students as they work through each step. Keeping the students on track by setting short term goals for each 30 minute interval throughout the day. A timer is set for 25 minutes on and [...]

Grisaille 2 (Rendering the head)

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This is the second of the Grisaille exercises. For the first Grisaille Louis demonstrated each step to familiarise the students with the process. This technique is different to the Wash Drawing as we are now mixing the tonal ranges using black and white paint. The class has now progressed to using three colours for the Grisaille. Burnt [...]