We provide online art courses to students on an international basis.

We already deliver a wide range of tuition comprising short courses, workshops, and drop-in art classes. Due to an increasing demand for online tuition, we offer a variety of these courses online.

Online class content

Many artists are not able to attend an art atelier in person due to personal commitments. As a consequence, we deliver online art courses live in a virtual classroom.

Louis teaches the same material as he does in the academy class. The online conference technology also allows students to record their critiques. Therefore, students can refer back to the recording when making corrections.

Group communication on a virtual basis

Students have access to an online forum. Here they can upload their work and discuss the processes taught in the course. Whilst the learning curve can be steep, most importantly, the classes are intended to be fun. Being part of a team is an important part of the learning process, as the drive of a class helps to bring students forward.

It is encouraged for students to communicate with each other outside of the class. Whilst students are able to progress at their own pace, we all hold hands virtually and bring each other forwards as best as possible.

The language of tuition is English; however, your English language skills do not have to be perfect to attend. A reasonable understanding of the English language is fine. The main language you will be practising is that of academic art!

Your application is welcome!

All of our online art courses allow greater access for students to pursue their creative passion, discover new skills, and enhance their appreciation of classical realist art. We look forward to your application!