Online Hand Drawing Workshop


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Hand Drawing Workshop Online

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3 Morning Online Workshop

27th-29th August 2022 Bank holiday
Saturday Sunday Monday
9.00 – 12.30
Cost = £150 £75

The aim of the workshop

The aim of this workshop is to offer a means of producing a quick and dynamic drawing technique. The steps are covered in the short video.

Learnig Outcome

For this workshop we will be using Wolfs Carbon pencils instead of traditional pencils. They’re effective at building up tone especially when combined with smooth newsprint paper.

During the workshop you will learn
How to use the range of Wolfs Carbon Pencils from the harder B to softer 6B pencil.
How to sharpen a pencil with a knife and sanding block.
How to hold wield a pencil in a dexterous manner.
Use of erasers.

We will also teach you how to break down the drawing into manageable stages.

  • Construct Initial gestures and all the general guidelines
  • Articulation Using the guidelines to refine the drawing into finer details.
  • Shadow mapping Mapping the shadow’s edge by observing the variation of softer-sharper edges and lighter-darker edges.
  • Shadow Shapes Filling in the shadow shapes and correcting if moving on. In this technique, we will be leaving the shadow shapes as a single tone.
  • Halftones Softening of shadow edges, distinction of planes and finishing details.


How the class works

In this class you will be working from an image on your computer, you will be able to send updates of your work via What’s App at each stage as we go through the workshop. The teacher will demonstrate and the students will try to emulate then send an update and the teacher will show the corrections that need to be made.
The example video is of the Online Portrait Painting Program 2021-22. It’s very close to a virtual class, you can see in some of the clips the students view of themselves painting on the canvas in real-time which helps the teacher to point out any mistakes their making in the moment. It’s a slightly more involved setup but it is worth investing in for a long-term course.


Links to the materials are included in the confirmation email. They should take between 1 to 3 days from Amazon. You will need.
What’s App
Newsprint A3 paper
Wolfs Carbon Pencils
Faber-Castell : Kneadable Art Eraser
Faber-Castell : Perfection Pencil
Retractable craft knife (from anywhere)
P80 Grit Sanding Block