Online Painting Classes v Traditional Classes, Pros and Cons

The Pros
What are the advantages of attending our online painting classes? Saving on travel, better timetable and being able to record demonstrations and critiques.

Students now get to see an unhindered view as Louis switches the shots on the computer between the Portrait and Palette when mixing colour. Students can record Louis’s demonstrations to their own computer for future referance allowing them to recap if they have missed anything.

Just like a real class. Louis can check everybody’s work in real time. The advantages of teaching online painting classes means that Louis can now demonstrate all the changes that need to be made on a computer rather than on their work. Showing the students how to adjust the drawing, tones and colour corrections that they need to make.
Students can also record the critique for future reference and make the changes they need to make any physical interference on their work.

For many prospective students attending a course at Walton Hall can be an issue due to their location. Not just localy but also internationaly aswell.  Our online painting classes offer students who wouldnt normaly be able to attend our courses the oppertunity to develop their artistic skills.

The one day course of 6 hours is now split into two half day classes of 3.5 hours per class. Deviding the class into two days is more managable for students concentration levels as they can start to dwindle at the end of a full day.

  • Its more beneficial for students that may be lagging behind to need to complete the days task so everybody is on the same page for the next class.
  • Having a class twice a week helps to maintain the momentum of learning.
  • Students can have their homework checked twice a week which can help to keep them on track.

Online Paining Classes, Cons

The biggest problem with offering online courses is the resolution. Both the students and teacher need to be able to see clearly whats happening in the class. The two biggest problems that effect resolution are internet bandwidth and computers

Internet conection
A good internet connection is a must. If need to have sufficient download and upload speeds to attend the course. A good internet connection offers a better screen resolution which is critical if students want to attending the course.

Being able to observe the subtalty of colour and tone when Louis is demonstrating in front of the class is important.  A computer with good screen resolution and graphix card is essential to get the most out of the online painting classes.