In this lesson the students learn how to get the most out of the limited palette by using both opaque and glazing techniques. This method could be compared to a coloured grisaille with glazes to add chroma and depth to the features of the face.

The students learn how to deal with HUE and CHROMA and VALUE.

  • Hue = mixed colour
  • Chroma = intensity of colour
  • Value = tonal range of colour

Below is a demonstration by Louis smith. His Right side shows the preliminary stages and his left side shows the finishing stages using glazes to add depth of hue, chroma and value.

Carlos Duran by John Singer Sargent demonstration by Louis Smith

Main Principles covered in the lesson

  • How to model the form of the face using warm and cool hues
  • How to mix the darker tones of the face without adding black
  • How to mix deeper hues by mixing complimentary colour
  • How to desaturate the intensity of high chroma colours using complimentary colour

Below the class are working on the finishing touches of their master copies.