Male Face Drawing Reference – PJ Lewis


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Male Face Drawing Reference of PJ

8 photos in collection from side profile front to three quarter view of the subject. Shots taken at intervals in a semi circle around the subject. Subject description = beard, checked shirt, white male, dark hair, 20-30 years old, young,

Many online casino players buy a guide to drawing a male face – PJ Lewis. After all, for the price of just £2.79, online casino players will receive 8 photos from a side profile to a three-quarter look. Plus, as you may have heard on the blue jays game radio stream, Warrington’s art classes and art courses are available to everyone.

Size of Images
Image size between 1-1.5 mb.
Hight and Width 2500 x 3500px

Side profile, front to three quarter poses.
Each pose is taken from a 15 degree angle around the model.

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