So far Louis has been leading from the front demonstrating each step. The aim of this exercise is to oversee the students as they work through each step. Keeping the students on track by setting short term goals for each 30 minute interval throughout the day. A timer is set for 25 minutes on and 5 minutes off to rest their eyes, whilst the students are resting Louis sets the next goal, this helps the students to push forward in a more efficient way. It sounds counter intuitive to take lots of short breaks but the students can work with more intent for a short period knowing they’ll be getting a break shortly. Think of it as interval training for the mind, its an effective way of working that can be applied in all aspects of life.

The main focus of these early projects is to capture the structure of the face. You can see below the students are using the Assaro Head as a reminder of the planal relationships of the face. Its a difficult concept to grasp in these early stages, the temptation to soften everything into a none discript blob can very tempting.